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Anna Faligowska completed her architecture studies at the University of Technology in Poznan, Poland in 2010, and since then has lived and worked in Poland, Denmark, Spain and Panama. Her focus and passion lies in understanding architecture and its constant progress in developing new ways to improve communities, cities, and environmental areas. In Barcelona, Anna gained experience learning how to tackle environmentally responsible buildings, with a focus on new developments in Africa. She studied climate conditions in Ethiopia and Angola in order to choose the perfect solution for each building. Her time spent in Panama has taught her how to design residential architecture and luxury condominiums by continuously being involved in the building process; from the first sketches, concept design, and feasibility studies, through to documentation, specification, detailing, and ultimately site supervision.
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DIY decor – Here’s all you need to know!
6 years ago

DIY decor – Here’s all you need to know!

The DIY decor (Do It Yourself) is characterized by having decorative elements made by yourself. Things such as a wall panel, some decorative object for the room or even a piece …
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