Costa del Este Panama is the most exclusive area of Panama, located at the heart of the city of Panama. It is the only planned city of the country, was designed with first world standards, completely underground wiring, has its own police system, separate plant for wastewater processing and is managed by an independent municipality. The project began in 1995 and has 3.1 square kilometers of land.

The new city is subdivided into 11 areas: Costa del Este, The Business Park, Commercial Area, residential area of high density, Felipe E. Motta Park, the city center, the central square, low-density residential areas, mixed use areas, utility areas. In Costa del Este Panama, first line of buildings carries the largest skyscrapers of Panama and Latin America.

It is home to many new families who live in the residential area of Costa del Este Panama and work in commercial areas, business offices or industrial park. In addition to that, it has the headquarters of many prestigious multinational companies such as: P & G, Samsung, Motta, Maersk, Movistar, Adidas, among many others.

Costa del Este Panama is a popular and convenient area due to its proximity to Panama City, just 5 minutes, direct access to major highways and the main international airport of the country, which is only 10 minutes by taking the South Corridor.

 Costa del Este Panama developers thought of everything. If you want to walk somewhere, you can use the spacious sidewalks throughout the area. It also has the Paseo del Mar, specially designed for biking and exercising. It also has some of the most prestigious bilingual schools in the country as the “Academia Interamericana de Panamá” and  “San Agustín”.

Additionally, Costa del Este Panama has almost all the luxury amenities you can imagine are in this area such as: shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, banks, schools, fitness center, clinic, post office, parks, and local industrial park. You can easily work and live in the same area.

In the niche of real estate Panama, Costa del Este rentals offers wide range of luxury apartments and houses with stunning ocean views, safety and quality finishes.

The Top 5 most important buildings of COSTA DEL ESTE PANAMA are presented below (it doesn´t include buildings in the first line, in front of the sea)

1) PH RIVERSIDE: The building has 41 floors, 4 elevators, 206 apartments, built in 2012, it is the most wanted building in Costa del Este Panama because of it price-value relation, finishes and maintenance. The average selling price per square meter is $2.732 and RIVERSIDE RENTAL average price per square meter is $18. It is also known to be one of the most profitable buildings. Among its many benefits, the building has an excellent location facing large multinationals. In addition, it is one of the few buildings with small measures for executives and small families. It also has a beautiful common area with gym and pool located in the top of the building, something not common also for many Panamanian buildings.


2) P.H COSTA DEL ESTE COUNTRY CLUB: It Is the first building to the left when we enter Costa del Este from de city through the Corredor Sur. It has 54 floors, 4 elevators, built in 2014. The average sales price per square meter is $2.171 and average price of P.H Costa del Este Country Club in RENT per square meter is $13. It has a unique view of the ocean and south corridor at the same time.


3) P.H PARQUE DEL MAR: It is one of the first buildings developed by company BERN in the luxury area of Costa del Este. The building has 42 floors, 4 elevators, built in 2010. The average sales price per square meter is $2.257 and average price of  P.H Parque del Mar in RENT per square meter is $12. The building is purely familiar, has several playgrounds,  including artificial grass soccer field.


4) P.H LACOSTA: The building has 36 floors, 3 elevators, built in 2012. It is a familiar building, built in the middle class area of Costa del Este which is one of the most accessible renting prices specially for newcomers arriving to Panama. The average selling price per square meter is $2.222 and the average price of P.H Lacosta in RENT per square meter is $13. It is a great maintained building and very demanded given the few units available yearly to buy or rent.


5) P.H TOP TOWER The building has 43 floors, 4 elevators, built in 2013, is one of the newest buildings in Costa del Este for middle class families. The average selling price per square meter is $2.395 and average price of P.H Top Tower in RENT per square meter is $16. It is greatly located with several commercial establishments in the street floor. 


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