The company China Construction America (CCA) arrives to the country in order to establish their regional offices in the city and strengthen its presence in Latin America. This company is a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (CSCEC) and aims at implementing many important projects in the country.

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* The company China Construction America has 30 years of experience in the construction industry and real estate industry as well.

* Its headquarters are located in Jersey City, New York, and now they established its regional office in Panama City.

* The company’s goal is to contribute to the development of Panama, generating jobs and becoming part of the community.

An important new company starts operations in Panama: The China Construction America (CCA), a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (CSCEC). This company has become one of the leading contractors in the United States, with income in excess of U.S.$ 700,000 billion in 2014. Moreover, its parent company, CSCEC, is considered one of the largest companies building in the world, with 170 thousand employees.

According to information posted on the Martes Financiero website, the multinational points to several projects: Urban renewal in the city of Colón (which has already submitted a proposal); the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, the monorail that will be located north of the Bridge of the Americas and the construction of social housing.

The establishment of this company in Panama, will bring many benefits to the construction industry and the real estate sector, as the company has 30 years experience in both sectors and is considered one of the most important in America.

James Simpson, a member of the Board and Senior Advisor to the President of China Construction America, emphasizes that it is natural for the company to move to places where there are great opportunities. Rated Panama as a world-class city by having a stable economy and because it has an important cultural diversity and an advantageous geographical position.

The executive believes that the isthmus has opportunities to continue its growth if infrastructure investments are made, citing the construction of alternate routes to help reduce traffic congestion as an example.

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