A house, land or commercial property is a good investment , as all instruments , when part of a diversified portfolio as the investor profile (ie , your goals and life plan ) , it is consistent with what means invest in real estate .

A property today is a high priority and especially one of the most beneficial investments in Panama and we will explain why.

Investments in Panama – Why should you invest in a property

Latin America , investment in real estate represents a percentage of over 20 %. According to the World Wealth Report 2014 of the firm Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management , real estate equivalent to 27.6 % of the investment portfolio of Latin American .

A cash inflow or create heritage?

There are two ways in particular to know whether a property can serve as an investment : you purchase a home that you live with your family, or invest in a property that you rent -a house or local commercially that lets have a cash flow every month.

The first case will generate future your family heritage, but will generate a short-term spending because you will pay a monthly mortgage at the end of a period have a home and you’ve used credit in addition to savings . This property ‘m going to enjoy it also implies a dividend – and in the future, could sell and get another win. In the second case , if you are beyond creating family wealth , and are looking for an additional investment, then you can invest in property that they believe flows through rents. One option will generate monthly cash input , the other will generate a long-term investment and provides security, then tell me if you think this type of investment in Panama is beneficial .

Why a mortgage is a complement to my savings?

When saving is not an easy discipline, a mortgage can function as a complement because the person is forced to have a certain monthly amount that goes to your house payment . The payment that the bank is equivalent to a monthly investment you know you ‘re not going to spend, and if it were not because they have a mortgage , there are people who can not save this money , but spend it in their daily lives . So instead of paying rent , you pay a monthly fee and you acquire a property that eventually should have some added value , worth more , and this therefore increases your heritage. So we must not be panic to credit, just understand. It works as a complement to your savings as the amount for which you can cover the debt without suffering.

investments in panama


Is it advisable or not now invest in real estate ?

The only answer you can give . Recalls that in terms of investments , as stated at the beginning of this note, part of the secret is diversification , invest in what you do not lose sleep and meets the needs of your profile as an investor. What is clear is that buying a home can become a great financial tool for creating wealth , it is important to have this kind of investment in your portfolio or investment portfolio. And you will decide if you want to live in your investment or make it flow . To keep you looking at where to invest , how, when and why , read this chapter of investments in real estate. At the end there is no better investment than is done by intelligent , informed decisions.

investments in panama

Finally , investment in housing is always long-term and not a house appreciates a day to another, the risk is very low , it is rare that a house loses its value , and its disadvantage is the availability of liquidity .
But not only by the goodwill that has been , or because the supply and demand remain in a certain balance , a real estate purchase is a good investment , we must also think that creates wealth.

In the case of Panama , being a country in full development and growth above other countries in Latin America , you can find suitable opportunities that can not stay outside . Here come into play your ability to prospective analysis and intuition .

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