Investments in Panama made by businessmen and trade representatives from the United States have become something that would benefit many US companies.

Recognized companies such as Delta Airlines, UPS, Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, SunTrust Bank or CNN, among other Fortune 500 companies, are just some of the companies that were present to exhibit in the United States the opportunity to invest in Panama.

Investments in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

  • The trade balance between the US and Panama, from last January to July, amounted to 4,453 million dollars. The business relationship is still gain for the US economy, with 4,690 million dollars exported to Panama, while from the isthmus, that market sales were just 236 million dollars.
  • A 30% of volumes handled at the Port Authority of Georgia were containers moving through the Panama Canal. It is expected to be transported more containers when the extended waterway start operations in April 2016.
  • Panama is on the radar of investments. The Free Trade Agreement is a great opportunity to further strengthen trade relations. Investors are interested in tourism, logistics, real estate and services.

Recently, Panama was in the state of Georgia, in Atlanta, United States. Businessmen and representatives of the Government of Panama, visited the main business hub of Atlanta, as the headquarters for Delta Airlines, CNN, Coca-Cola, UPS and the Hartfield Jackson Airport, the Atlanta Convention Center and the Center for Business Innovation of the Georgia Tech University. One result was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Georgia Foreign Trade Zone and promoter of Free Zones in Panama Business Council.

In Panama, endless economic activities can be developed in different areas and special projects for companies such as logistics, freight and passenger transport, telecommunications, natural gas, technology, construction, real estate development areas and port, energy, science and innovation, education, aviation, services, banking and tourism, among others.

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The city of Atlanta, in the United States, offers many business opportunities. This is why it is stated that the opportunity to reach the US market is open, being where the trade mission organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama (AmCham), in conjunction with Delta Airlines and representatives of the Panamanian government, seeking to expand this relationship and expose the economic benefits of the country.

investments in Panama

Panama’s geographical position allows the connection by air or sea to the rest of Latin America, attracting many US companies who establish their headquarters in areas such as Panama Pacific. That is why Panama is considered a perfect country for US investors. The type of business is very diverse: From multinational companies in order to establish their regional headquarters, to business call centers, exporters, representative offices and more for business incubation and technology innovation.

investments in Panama

Now, the Panama Canal expansion project, work involving investment of over 5,250 million dollars that will benefit not only the domestic economy of the isthmus, but the entire eastern United States, preparing to send boats larger towards the Asia and Pacific countries, is a great opportunity for the global maritime shipping transport, and is a response to the growing importance of Panama in this activity.

The Trump era

In statements offered by the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Panama, Jorge Garcia Icaza, acknowledged that the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States will not have a “major” impact on its relations with Panama.

According to Garcia Icaza, Panama has been able to get along with both Democratic and Republican governments, just the party that returns to the White House in January 2017 after eight years of Democratic domination.

However, said the business leader, the country could indeed be hit by measures taken by Trump against countries in the region. For example, if you decide to undertake modifications to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Chile.