Panama has become, in recent years, the most important logistics hub in the region, representing a very good option for all those looking to invest in Panama. All of this is thanks to its geographical position, the laws that encourage activity and proper integration of facilities and class logistics services, among which include the Panama Canal, multiple ports on the Pacific and Caribbean Interoceanic Highway and Railway the air Hub of the Americas, Free Trade zones and Special, among others.

The tax benefits have been created seeking to encourage investment, promote tourism and foreign exchange earnings, increase employment levels, achieve the realization of significant transactions, among others.

Here are 10 reasons why investing in Panama.

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* With the implementation of tax incentives, it seeks to encourage investment, promote tourism and foreign exchange earnings, increase employment levels and achieve the realization of significant transactions, among others.

* Between 1995 and 2009, were awarded 32 thousand million dollars in tax incentives, representing an annual average of 146 million.

* Most tax incentives, went to the exemption from import duty industrial sector, which accounted for $ 352 million or 34.4% of the total.

A large number of logistics centers are being established in Panama by national developers and international investors, taking advantage of existing multimodal facilities and the country’s connectivity to the different markets in the region. The figure of the logistics center, has many options throughout the city, located in areas like Panama Pacific, Costa del Este, Tocumen and even Colón.

Usually within the logistics center, several companies that develop business platforms and logistics services for high value, leveraging the availability of physical spaces in the area, access to the Tocumen International Airport and connectivity to ports and special economic zones operate.

A very good option to invest in this area, is the Logistics Center Dos Caminos, considered an excellent option to have your own warehouse in Panama. Its exceptional and unique location, makes it very attractive, even for investors. This project is located just five minutes from the Tocumen International Airport, and is made up of 11 commercial shops and 35 warehouses, with only a few ones left for sale.

The Logistics Center Dos Caminos has galleys from 470 to 8500 m2. All are coated with thermal panels. Also, they have a resistance of floor 3000 kg/m2 on the ground floor, a minimum height of 9 meters, offices Full finishes mezzanine deposit on offices and 24 hours, 7 days a week surveillance system by a closed circuit camera. Each galley has two entrances on the facade: One level platform for containers and other ground level. The comfortable internal roads of the whole, its ample parking, its water reservoir and other important facilities, make this important project a leader in the market for design and construction of galleys in Panama.

Want to know more about the Logistic Center Dos Caminos? Enter here and get to invest on the remaining storages left. We are sure you will not regret about this!

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