Panama is a good model, where investment expectations safely met without too much risk given the current political situation. In Panama there is a stable government, a consolidated democracy, which has led to legal security creating an ideal framework for investment.

Panama is in a period of high and sustained economic growth.

The Panama Canal, which since its opening in 1914 allows more than 5% of world trade passes through it, allowing the country to obtain a high return and attracts investors from around the world to invest in various activities, including investment real estate.

why investing in Panama

10 Reasons why investing in Panama are:

1. Stable with US dollars as currency of Economics.

2. The real estate sector has a lot of options of projects for invest in.

3. No natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Enjoys a tropical climate with the rainy season and the dry season.

4. Compared with other Latin American neighbors, is a safer country. The cost of living is lower and the quality of life is high.

5. There are exemptions and discounts for retirees and the elderly, which would be similar whether it is a foreign resident in Panama retired as if he is a national. These include discounts on land and air transport, in cinemas, medicines, restaurants, shopping and services.

6. Tax incentives.

7. Diverse geography, with virgin forests, mountains, tropical islands and a great modern capital with urban development and all the facilities.

8. High levels of vocational training in sectors such as medicine, law, banking, among others.

9. There is little interference from local authorities.

10. As additional benefits, can speak of exceptional fishing, diversity of fauna and flora, shopping centers, modern hospitals and laboratories.

why investing in Panama

Tax benefits of real estate investing

Investing in Panama has the advantage that it is considered a tax haven. Revenue generated within the country, including those that generate sales made within Panama, it does support the Panamanian tax, because the tax law is based on the principle of territoriality.

All sales of real estate are subject to payment of 2% transfer tax real estate.

Panama offers special visas that allow tax breaks for foreigners living or investing in the country.

Corporations are an advantage to make real estate investments.

why investing in Panama

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