Inside Costa del Mar, exclusive community located in Costa del Este sector, you will appreciate the new residential project called Maui, characterized by offering the perfect balance between technology and luxury design. Maui Smartxy Living is a new concept of vertical construction, the tower has solid design and elegant proportions. In our article today, we will take a look at this new project.

Gogetit Highlights

* The Maui Panama building has 116 apartments in 4 different styles, and all floor plans are designed for comfort and convenience. It also has large windows to let the sunlight in and a balcony where you can enjoy the sea breeze.

* The unique environment offered by Maui building has eco-friendly technology and saves energy by more than 55%.

* The base of Maui tower offers impressive design, as it has a facade carved in diamonds, which conveys a sense of luxury to all who see it.

In Costa del Mar, the most friendly and exclusive planned community of Costa del Este, you will find the perfect balance between technology and luxury design. Unlike other apartment buildings, the Maui tower stands out among all residential environments in Costa del Este.

The particular design diamond Maui tower, gives a touch of elegance and sophistication. This building is located in a unique environment, which has an energy reduction of up to 55%. It’s the perfect balance between technology and design building luxury homes. The building has space to enjoy the views of the sea coast, while enjoying a construction process which has been efficient and environmentally responsible.

Maui is surrounded by wide open spaces, a variety of residential services, and splendid views of the city skyline and the Pacific Ocean. Its new show covers more than 5 hectares that are unique to Panama because of its great location. As a resident, you can enjoy the best culture and friendly atmosphere that has been created thanks to the beautiful architecture and vibrant lifestyle of Costa del Este.

As a resident of Maui in Costa del Este, you can enjoy the indoor fun with recreational areas for outdoor running and cycling, and the use of play areas for children. In addition, there will be access to sports like tennis, swimming, football and basketball, and you can also enjoy relaxing breaks in natural areas surrounding their new home. There are areas for barbecues and a terrace to relax in the water.

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