Panama City is the first in the region in the Survey of Companies of the World Bank. The capital of Panama is ranked first in the survey “Doing Business” World Bank ranking of Central America and Dominican Republic, while the transport hub of Choluteca, Honduras was the last among 32 cities and ports.

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* Panama is the number one ranking country in the World Bank ranking followed by San Jose in Costa Rica, who held the position number two, and Guatemala City, in third.

* The World Bank, based in Washington, urged countries to implement more online systems to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork when applying for building permits.

* Nicaragua was the last country in the ranking.

Encouraged by the fastest economic growth in effective procedures for the submission of documentation Latin AmericaPanama City surpassed its neighbors in the ease of starting a new company and is ranked at the top in the land registry, according to the report published today in Guatemala City.

According to information published by the information portal The Panama Perspective, “There is one city that scored well on all indicators,” said Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez, program manager of Central America, the World Bank. “All these cities are behind one of the indicators”.


San JoséCosta Rica and Guatemala City in second and third, respectively, in the report. San Jose took on the ease of registering property, a category in which LeónNicaragua, was the last. However, Leon topped the list in the ease of obtaining a building permit.

A recovery in the US is helping the economy of Central America and the Dominican Republic to expand about 3 percent this year, faster than the 1.3 percent forecast for Latin America and the Caribbean, the International Monetary Fund said in an October report. The growth has been hampered by the outbreak of coffee rust in the region, the IMF said.

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