The origin of the term LOFT, was found time traveling back to New York in the ’50s. These buildings, mostly boom had mainly to promote manufacturing. By recycling disused industrial buildings in cities, it emerged designed space called loft. Born from the need of wanting large spaces. At first, they were used to be adapted to restaurants, shops, art galleries.

The success of this format, extended the concept to the design of new buildings and grows beyond the original purposes, housing becoming highly sought mainly by young couples or young and successful professionals.

The design model loft, has been moved from recycled industrial to residential houses in urban areas newly constructed buildings.

Strong tendency “CHIC” among succesful young people

The loft effect has become a very popular trend in architecture and interior design. Its structure must come from a space with high ceilings and bright.

Loft style apartments are very desirable at this time because it is fashionable the concept of living in a space of a single environment with very CHIC air tank.

The most common profile of people seeking a loft apartment in Panama, are young executives between 28-35 years old. Typically, people who are interested in this type of apartments keep a love and a special sensitivity for art.

Buildings with apartments lofts styles are usually very luxurious and offer many services to residents first as: pool, gym, squash courts, 24 hour security and many more amenities.

Panama Loft

TOP 5 – Panama Loft Buildings

In Panama, there are many residential buildings, but there are also buildings 100% with loft apartments that are fairly traded to live, because they have a very modern minimalist style that goes with a lifestyle of executives, or singles who like the minimalist space, modern and CHIC.

These are the buildings in Panama with Loft apartments

1. Loft Four 41:

It has 37 floors, 2 lifts, 120 apartments. Built in 2008, it is residential, with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Located in Punta Pacifica. The Loft Four 41 is one of the first buildings in Panama dedicated exclusively to loft apartments. The apartments are about 150 m2 The average price of apartments for sale Loft Four 41 per square meter is $ 2.051 and the average price of apartments for rent in LOFT FOUR 41 is $14 per square meter.

Panama Loft

2. ParkLoft

It has 43 floors, 3 lifts. Built in 2012, it is located in San Francisco. It’s minimalist style where finishes are mainly given by the materials of the same building in an apparent state, is considered “economic nature”. The average price of apartments for sale in Parkloft per square meter is $ 2.473.

Panama Loft

3. Vitro Loft

It has 13 floors, 3 lifts. Built in 2009, it is residential, located in El Cangrejo. It is famous for the spaces are flooded with natural light and gives a sense of space. The average price of apartments for sale in Vitro Loft per square meter is $ 2.274 and the average price of apartments for rent in Vitro Loft is $14 by square meter.

Panama Loft

4. Mediterraneo Loft

It has 13 floors, 3 lifts. Built in 2009, it is residential, located in El Cangrejo. It has the functionality furniture in all aspects, but without sacrificing comfort. The average price of apartments for sale in Mediterraneo Loft is $ 2.387 for square meter.

Panama Loft

5. Premier Loft

It has 10 floors, 2 lifts. Built in 2010, it is residential. Is characterized by the visual integration of all lofts, its large space is paramount, using the floors, walls, materials and colors to achieve uniformity. It is located in San Francisco. The average price of apartments for sale in Premier Loft is $ 1.738 for square meter.

Panama Loft

If you want to know the full list of LOFT PANAMA, you can click HERE.


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