The last three months of the year, are the busiest ones for the housing market. Panama real estate broker and buyers are mobilized for the sale of houses and put their properties or acquire them in these pre-Christmas periods.

One of the key starting points for vendors in this process is to understand how much does it worth their home. This serves to clarify where and what type of property might be able to purchase a vendor afterwards. Choosing a real estate agent is key to this process.

A common mistake is to choose the real estate agent who predicts the highest price for the property. Although it is flattering to hear that your home is worth more than what you imagined, there are many other aspects that influence sales simply placing a price and in this case “high” for the property. It can be confusing, especially for someone who sells for the first time, deciphering what is the value of a property. The same case happened to your insurance if you purchased your first home in Panama recently

Panama real estate broker – Gogetit Highlights

Before entering any of the offices of a local realtor, we recommend to first search for properties on Gogetit or other real estate portals with consolidated and public information to get an idea of ​​how to carry out the sale of houses in the country. Consider the following:

  • Estimated value of your property. By searching for properties in the same area as yours and with similar sizes.
  • Who sells properties in that area?
  • What kind of properties sold that person (or realtor) (low range, medium or high)
  • What price are they selling?
  • Also take a look at the number similar to yours that are for sale properties, and by approximately how much.
  • Armed with these facts, take a look at the section of real estate broker in Panama Gogetit. And based on the names by searching locate previously saw some of them and try to contact them.

For example, it makes no sense to talk to a Panama real estate broker dedicated to the high end market if your property is a studio apartment. You may also wish to talk to at least three Panama real estate brokers. If you feel safe talking to consider hiring them to show their property and assist in the sales process.

Ask the realtors in Panama who value their property and have to explain how they intend to commercialize it and place it in the property market to get the best price possible. In other words, make sure that at least they publish your property on Gogetit, it is free and do not charge commission for sales or rentals.

Good luck!!

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