Roads in Panama add a new path: The rehabilitation of a peripheral line popularly known as the “poors highway”. This road is located almost parallel to Corredor Norte, and the cost of rehabilitation will be 96.93 million dollars.

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* In Panama, the largest and most important roads are three: Interamerican Highway, Corredor Norte and Corredor Sur.

* The Panamanian government will invest 96.93 million dollars in the rehabilitation of peripheral north of the capital, popularly known as “the poors highway” (being almost parallel to Corredor Norte, which is a paid route) pathway.

* This project is under the Ministry of Public Works (MOP Panama) and the Costa Rican construction firm Meco, and is going to benefit more than 200,000 people.

In recent days, the beginning of the rehabilitation of a parallel way to the main roads in Panama, known as the “poor highway” route was announced. The start of the work, expected for years, will be headed by the Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, in a ceremony at a point of Corredor Norte, which will deliver the order to proceed to the design, construction, renovation and widening of the road Pedregal-Gonzalillo-Transístmica, with an investment of U.S.$ 96,934,765, according to a presidential release.

This project has an approximate length of 9.42 kilometers, which corresponds to the expansion and rehabilitation of the road Pedregal – Gonzalillo and 1.8 kilometers of road rehabilitation Villalobos. The work is designed to optimize the connection between the sectors North and East of the city, bypassing the city center or the toll motorways.

roads in Panama

Of all roads in Panama, this is the first one to contemplate the construction of two flyovers vehicle type in Transístmica horseshoes, for input and output turns to the new roads, including the marginal way to give businesses access and existing entries.

Within the work, it is contemplated to build covered shoulder of the road with asphalt, some central islands, four road bridges and four vehicular concrete steps (including road interchange), construction of vehicle returns internally, construction of sidewalks, bikeway construction and maintenance of bridges, among other facilities. Similarly, there will be a replacement of the existing two-lane pavement asphalt and building two new, all cement concrete high strength and long life.

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