Panama weather is the favorite by many people because it is characterized by, among other things, tropical and welcoming. In fact, the Panama weather has been listed as one of the top 5 best climates worldwide, preceded by the climate of Ecuador and followed by Mexico and Spain. In search of countries with better climate for the development of the Index of Global Retirement 2016, not only the data disk, temperatures, rainfall and humidity, but also the level of climatic comfort of the destinations was evaluated by consulting a large number of expatriates.

Panama weather – Gogetit Highlights

* The countries with warm climates, neither too hot nor too cold, usually are chosen to retire or retire.

* Panama is in second place of all countries with better climate worldwide, according to a survey conducted for the preparation of Global Retirement Index 2016.

* For many expats and retirees, countries like Panama have the perfect spring weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 65ºF to 80ºF and cool nights with temperatures around 55°F.

The Panama weather, is a favorite worldwide. In fact, the country ranks in second position in the Global Retirement Index 2016, ranking which brings together the best countries to retire, taking into account factors such as temperature, precipitation and humidity, but also the level of climatic comfort of each destination. The top 4 countries with better climates worldwide are: Ecuador, Panama, Mexico and Spain.


Considered as the land of eternal spring, Ecuador has a reputation for perfect weather. In fact, along the spine of the Andes, the weather tends to stay cool and temperatures change little throughout the year. In the access point expatriate Cuenca, you can enjoy a maximum average temperature of 70F and 50F near at night. With four distinct zones (Andes, Amazon Basin, Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands), Ecuador has it all. Along the coast, there will be warm days with a little added moisture in the manufacture of the same ambient temperatures warmer than they would in the highlands. However, the weather can vary in the Andes depending largely on the altitude. Nevertheless, Ecuador is considered the country of eternal spring.


Panama is considered a tropical retreat. This is, among other factors, due to its climate as being located near the equator, Panama enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. The number of people who choose Panama as a country retreat, is quite large. Fortunately, Panama has many real estate projects for anyone wishing to retire in the country. One of the preferred places by expatriates and retirees is Coronado, located an hour from Panama City. In Coronado, you can find an ideal project known as Paraiso Village, which offers modern houses and apartments.

All year’s weather is divided into two different seasons. The rainy season (known as winter) begins in May and continues until November. The dry season (called summer), begins in December and ends when the rains return in May. During the winter, the weather is often cooler due to rain and clouds. Mornings are usually sunny and warm, with cold rains in the afternoon or at night, ensuring a good night’s sleep. In summer, there is little rain, so outdoor activities are the protagonists. Daytime temperatures in the low-lying areas across the country, ranging from 75ºF to 90ºF, with an average of 84ºF. Night temperatures across the country, ranging between 65ºF and 75ºF. However, there are cooler areas, located within the country, such as Boquete, Cerro Azul, El Valle and Santa Fe, with noticeably cooler climates because of its altitude. For many expatriates and retirees, these places have the perfect spring weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 65°F to 80°F and cool nights, with an average temperature of 55°F.


Thanks to its geographical location, with the Tropic of Cancer passing right through the center, Mexico offers a wide range of climates. In addition, you will find its varied terrain, with mountains, deserts, jungles, and everything in between, and having a country with all kinds of weather you may want.
Much of northern Mexico (the region directly south of the United States), has a dry desert climate, with hot summers and cold winters. But the northern part of the Baja peninsula, along the Pacific coast, enjoys an almost perfect, like San Diego, California climate. For much of the year, temperatures range between 60ºF and 80ºF. May to October is the rainy season in these areas, with hot days and sometimes cloudy, punctuated by brief but intense rainstorms.


Spain has fresh mountain villages and warm Mediterranean beaches. With a terrain ranging from mountains to plains of sandy beaches, Spain offers a diverse climate, which guarantees for everyone. In the long coast of Spain, temperatures tend to be mild and the weather is generally warmer in the south and colder in the north.

The countryside of Spain, has a rather harsh climate more continental, marked by extremes of temperature. Winters in northern Spain and central can drop to zero, with summer temperatures, while occasionally in the central and southern Spain can reach over 100°F in the hottest part of the day.

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