On Wednesday July 1st, was celebrated a year of governance of President Juan Carlos Varela, who spoke to the Panamanian people in a ceremony held in the National Assembly and was attended by ministers and deputies.

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* President Juan Carlos Varela celebrated a year of government mandate on July 1st.

* The President thanked the Assembly supporting the bills submitted and approved on behalf of the Panamanian people.

* In his speech, President Varela said “As promised a year ago, now live in a new era of peace, tolerance, unity and social justice in a country where no one is above the law.”

In a ceremony held at the National Assembly on Wednesday July 1, the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez, spoke to the Panamanian nation on the occasion of completing one year in office.

His speech, which was published on the official website of the Presidency, emphasized all that had been achieved so far, taking into account bills and application of justice to those in need, and always emphasizing that in this government, “the ruler is the people.”

Below we share an excerpt from the Presidential Speech of Juan Carlos Varela:

Panama and Panamanians:

On this day back again to this honorable National Assembly, where I was sworn in as constitutional president of the Republic of Panama, the Panamanian people accountable for my first year of governance.

I would first like to thank God for giving me the strength and faith to be able to drive to this beautiful country in peace; the Panamanian people for the opportunity to serve; my family for joining me in this cause; the government team and the 200 000 public servants in the country to continue working every day to Panama. I am one of you and always guide you in seeking the common good of all Panamanians.

In this House, I also want to thank you for supporting the bills submitted and approved on behalf of the Panamanian people and the ratification of appointees.

I don’t return to this Assembly as a political leader in search of applause, to defend or justify management actions but a servant of the state on whose shoulders rests the historic responsibility of leading the nation.

I’m not here to talk about achievements but to share progress in governance, raise challenges in our country and what we feel we need to do to move forward together as one nation in pursuit of our full development.

We are the same healthy, peaceful and noble people, who lives in this beautiful isthmus bathed by two oceans, a land of peace and meeting place of civilizations. But today we are a very different country than we had a year ago.

Thanks to the support received from the Panamanian people on May 4, Panama has a commitment to transparency, respecting the separation of powers, freedom of expression and human rights government. It based on dialogue and the search for consensus government whose only reason for being is to serve the Panamanian people who elected us.

Yesterday culminated my first year in office talking with the people of Valle Risco in Bocas del Toro on his just aspirations. So it will be forever. The ongoing dialogue will be the tool to solve social situations that arise.

As I said a year ago, I am the President of all Panamanians. From then on it is governed under one flag which is the flag of Panama. We are a country where politics today is focused on service to the public, where liderizo 200 000 public servants who are accountable, they know that transparency is part of public life and are seeing very concrete actions that we all have that move along the right path.

We are a country where business and political patronage has been left behind to make way for a service policy and state vision.

A country in which all government projects are developed with social criteria to meet the needs of citizens, no matter what their political affiliation.

A country where respect and strengthen democratic institutions and freedom of expression and other human rights.

They are mistaken who think that the President is all day focused on these court proceedings. I have in my hands the sword of justice but in my heart, love the people who elected me to firmly defend their interests and protect their wealth.

This process will, we will recover the lost heritage, the faults will be sanctioned and the Panamanians will be united as one country.

I ask the media with great respect as to avoid being overly exposing people charged and we focus on the misconduct.

(…) We did not win by attacking the faults committed. We gain if current and future authorities understand that we can not make those same mistakes. Panama won that day forever.

(…) As we did in the first year, I am sure that despite political differences that have occurred internally in this House, we can find common ways to work together for Panama and focus all our energy on providing answers effective responses to the needs of the communities that elected us.

I invite you once again to have a second year of management, in which the separation of powers is strengthened, while maintaining respect and tolerance so that discussions can guide a constructive way and continue to build a beautiful Panama, democracy where should prevail social peace and prosperity with equity, the Panamanian people deserve.

May God bless our beautiful nation.

For the full speech of president Juan Carlos Varela, enter here. (Article in Spanish).

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