Every time, people use Internet more frequently for any type of service, not only for the convenience of doing it from home, but also for the convenience and immediacy that the Internet can provide.

Currently, there are several websites dedicated to the real estate market in Panama, many of which offer all kinds of services, whether you try to buy, rent or sell a property.

The most striking features of the real estate portals are the ease with which you can get information about a property (plans, photographs and descriptions) as well as real-time interaction you can have with vendors.

A perfect example of digital real estate market, is the company GOGETIT in Panama, a service / social network where real estate agents, owners and sellers interact.

The real estate portal has a service which provides price estimates of published properties based on similar properties. Its main difference from the competition, is that GOGETIT is the first real estate portal of real estate property that transforms searching into a social experience. Besides providing basic information such as the square footage and number of rooms in a property, also receives comments, opinions and ratings of areas and buildings across the country in order to help the real estate community to make decisions about property and real estate in general. It is for this reason that the motto of GOGETIT is “together we know more about real estate”.

GOGETIT – Features of real estate portal

1. Google for real estate: It has a list of properties algorithm that finds the best properties and displays you by reputation and quality, so you can make a better decision on buying or renting.

2. 100% reliable and safe: GOGETIT is a real estate portal that has a quality team that verifies most of the buildings and areas of the country. These now have the seal of “Gogetit Verified” in order to ensure that there will be no surprises to reach them.

3. Your opinion counts: The user reviews will help you find the best house. In addition to this, GOGETIT knows that 90% of consumers trust in recommendations from others; and only 14% trust in paid advertising.

4. Watch your market: We have analysts who observe the market and we regularly report these numbers so you know when and where to buy or rent.

This portal offers direct contact with the residents of the search area, and you can interact with them, getting answers to questions such as: If there is heavy traffic in the area, the existence of schools or if you have shopping malls around.

GOGETIT also has a very interesting concept called “MAKE OFFER”. It is as follows: People who are almost ready to buy or rent, but the seller of the property is ready to receive an offer by the buyer and accept it if they get an attractive offer good enough.

In Panama, we are still using technology from traditional portals. However, we are confident that sooner or later, the market will evolve into more sophisticated solutions based on geolocation and more complex algorithms, as GOGETIT does.

GOGETIT has made alliances with SILICON VALLEY, which has allowed it to evolve. That’s where GOGETIT LEADS borns, based on the REAL ESTATE DIGITAL MARKETING, offering its customers quality lead generation in the most difficult audience to reach system.

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We live in a globalized economy, where investors from many countries are seeking better opportunities. GOGETIT LEADS connects the right customers with your real estate project.

If you would like to learn more about the largest portal of digital marketing in Latin America, enter in www.gogetitleads.com.

Silvia Merida Pellicer
Gogetit Content Manager. Author of important reviews for Gogetit News, “The #1 Source for real estate news in Panama.”
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