Sell ​​a property is a way to convert the assets into a source of extra income or to acquire a bigger or better located house, but in order to not having headaches due to this proccess, it is necessary to apply certain measures that will help speed up the transaction.

Until recently, it was enough a poster to advertise and make the sale of a property. Unfortunately, today these ads proliferate so that often go unnoticed. That’s the importance of going a step further and plan the operation very well.

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Consult and determine the value

It is a key issue when selling: Set the value of the house on the market. A direct way is that a real estate agency will determine its price. Other possibilities are: Taking as reference recent sale prices of similar properties in the same area, an appraisal of housing by specialized companies, real estate consulting in the cost of similar homes offered for sale in the area.

It is important to know that there are trained real estate professionals to ensure the best conditions of sale, in addition to knowledge of the processes that avoid unpleasant surprises and in some cases decreases the waiting time.

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Proper documentation

Experts recommend checking that all papers are in order, because there are times when the properties are not legally owned by those who want to dispose of them, as when the owner dies and has not been the succession of good.

Another factor is when the property deeds have errors that may prevent or hinder the accreditation sale of the property, as failures in the description, location or owner’s name.

The documents must have are: title or deed registered in the Public Registry of Property, water bills and property taxes duly paid, receipts electricity and telephone in addition to the contracted additional services, official identification and a sketch of location to facilitate the ubication.

Includes additional costs

Sell ​​a property at a given price does not mean that enter that amount. For this reason, you should be clear about the costs that will generate sales. Such as these transactions involve paperwork, take into account spending on the notary, lawyer, professional appraisers, real estate agents and accountant to calculate the tax burden arising from the sale of the property. In addition to repairs that are required.

Fix the broken things

Once you decide to take the step, dozens of buyers will visit the house and will check the status of the house with other similar. Faced with similar prices, buyers decide to choose one or the other will be the status and image.

If you have access to make repairs at a reasonable price and with reliable people, evaluate the cost at which you can leave the house ready to sell, so you are not at a disadvantage compared to others. There are many buyers who have a lot of problems if they have to make repairs or works.

We must begin to understand that the outward appearance must impress the buyer enough to propel him into the house. Typically, buyers are influenced by their emotions when choosing a home. With this in mind, think buyers as if they were guests of honor.

sell a property

15 tips to sell a property faster

1. Invest in advertising.

Prepares an attractive announcement on the sale of housing including useful data and important information (useful meters, distribution, the year it was built) and publish it in mass media of the Internet as a real estate portal, for example in

2. Fix everything you can.

Walls cracked or holes, locks, lamps and so on. These details are easy to fix and yet can draw negative attention. Replace burned-out bulbs and dampers and contacts not work.

3. The first impression is important.

So the facade, balcony and terrace if you should be perfectly clean. Create a welcoming entrance. Spend time and, if necessary, put money on the front door.

4. Pay attention to cleanliness.

In case of showing a house that is still inhabited, it pays special attention to cleanliness and care of the house during the visit of buyers. You must ensure that everything is in place, perfectly ordered and arranged in a comfortable way.

5. A good decoration is key.

Impress potential buyers, especially considering the sale of existing homes has enough demand.

6. Give the house a “fresh” look.

Eliminates clutter and reduces the furniture to a minimum. Rearrange the furniture so that the environment is not loaded. It is important to create a spacious environment with communication channels between rooms.

7. Put special care to bathroom and kitchen.

Clean the tiles, remove signs of moisture or mold on the boards, put new towels. In the kitchen removes all utensils. Fix leaks in the keys as this may appear problems in the pipes.

8. Acclimate your home.

Some experts in selling houses, advise acclimate housing with good flavors to enhance the sense of well being. Place fresh flowers or baskets with flavoring by the house.

9. Pets can break down the sales process.

While a love for animals, if you want to promote the sale of your home ensures that the animals are not present during the visit of potential buyers.

10. Be honest.

faithfully reflects the characteristics of the property, there is no use deceiving because although you could get extra contacts, you run the risk of feeling cheated.

11. Make a photo archive and a video.

We know that is not sold any house without there being at least one previous visit, but the photos are the main attraction. Post as many as possible. Select the images, the first image is not that of a bathroom. Try to include pictures that give an overview of the property, do not stay in the details. Do not forget to include pictures of the facade.

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12. Make a description in as much detail as possible.

The aim is that the potential buyer can get an idea of ​​the property by the text and images that you include.

13. Enter all the extras you have the house.

In this case, it is better to err on the side to fall short. The more information, the easier it is to make the property attractive in the eyes of buyers.

14. Heed ALL your leads.

Return the call to all people to contact you, do not delay in the response of e-mails or calls, you never know if that contact is the person willing to buy it.

15. Finally should take into account the demand and supply of the local market.

This will determine how long it takes to sell the property and the basis for negotiation. Be patient, the process is not a matter of one or two days. Try to update photos and description, because sometimes a small change can make an announcement to become more attractive.

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