Tourists in Panama always come from all countries all around the world. From Europe, to Asia, Africa and Oceania to reach America, large numbers of tourists visit the Panamanian isthmus at least once a year. Lately, tourism from South America has increased compared to previous years.

South American tourists – Gogetit Highlights

* The South American tourists have increased their visits to Panama by 32%.

* This increase in tourism is due, among other things, the service and promotions offered by the country.

* The South American countries with most visitors to Panama are Colombians, Venezuelans and Brazilians.

Panama is fashionable. Tourism is a sector that has grown impressively in recent years, and the trend seems to remain. Now are tourists from South America who have seen an increase in visits to the country so far this last couple of years.

The largest flow of tourists coming to Panama, comes from South America and within this region, the biggest number of visitors are from Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil, although countries such as Paraguay and Ecuador are presented as new markets soaring.

The arrival of Venezuelan visitors reflected a decline of 6.1% from 56,707 in the first quarter of 2013 to 53,224 tourists in the same period of 2014, according to statistics from the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), but this does not prevented is maintained in the second position, behind Colombia, reflecting an increase of 10.9% from 78,751 to 87,341 travelers.

While 1,552 of Paraguay went travelers, 244 more than the previous year. In the case of Brazil, the income yielded the figure of 27,022, ie 3,593 more.

In the group of the fastest growing in percentage terms, is Colombia. This was the South American country that reported the largest number input. 22,524 foreigners arrived in Ecuador, or 2,029 more, all of these by the Tocumen Airport.

The increase in the entry of South American tourists to Panama is multifactorial. You can mention the advantage of having the Colon Free Zone, which is an additional attraction for more tourists arrive in the country.

The tour packages offered by Panama through their tour operators have also strengthened the ability to attract tourists.

Trade with Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay has been strengthened and this has enabled more people in these countries to travel more frequently to pa [is, which means a great contribution to tourism.

Another important thing to note, are direct flights of Copa Airlines to Paraguay, which has resulted in a greater number of visitors from that country to Panama, adding that the increased entry of foreigners into the country also depends on supply hotel and airline offered on the market.

Gabriel Fabrega, vice president of the Panamanian Chamber of Capital Markets, said the “boom” of the input rating to the Panamanian market is due to the products offered, security and good performance of the economy, which has caused great dynamism in the arrival of foreigners, whether to walk or to invest.

south american tourists

Just as there are many Venezuelans, Colombians and Brazilians visiting the country, there are also some nationalities of South American tourists that decreased their visits. Argentina was the country that reported the largest decline, from 28,545 in 2013 to 25,221 travelers in 2014; followed by Uruguay, which went from 3.845 to 3.579 and Venezuela, came less than 3,483 travelers.

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