Most of us, probably back in our student days, lived in studio apartments. This apartment model is characterized by having a small space consisting of only one room with or without separation from some other auxiliary unit, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

It is very common to rent studio apartments for temporary stays, reaching to constitute the greater part of the offer in tourist areas.

Usually, studio apartments are confused with other types of diaphanous but much more spacious housing, such as the so-called loft. In Panama, there are many and varied options for these types of apartments.

studio apartments

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Sometimes, it is complicated to decorate studio apartments. The small space that characterizes them, sometimes, limits us a little when choosing the furniture that we will need. However, in our article today, we will give you some ideas so that space does not represent a problem.

Studio apartments – Gogetit Highlights

  • Studio apartments are very small-sized dwellings, where only one person lives. They can live up to two, but space is very tight.
  • Before starting to redistribute spaces, you must be very clear what is needed and what you can do with what you already have, to reduce the amount of expenses.
  • Getting rid of what is no longer used, is essential to get a little extra space and get to know better the dimensions of the area to decorate.

Studio apartments don’t have to be poorly decorated or boring environments. It can be achieved a pleasant space and that has enough space to satisfy our routine of life. It is true that these small spaces require a lot of creativity and a lot of ideas to make them functional, but in the end, it can always be achieved.

For example, vertical elements such as cabinets, are useful for distributing and delimiting spaces. In the case of living rooms, which are usually large spaces, through a closet, you can create a dividing wall and this way, you achieve a room that is isolated from the living room and you can have all the privacy that you need.

studio apartments

But then, we are left with the question of what to do with the back of the closet. Very simple: You can use cloth panels to cover that back of the closet and also to divide spaces. The back of the closet is usually an unattractive part, so you can use panels that not only divide, but also decorate. In this way, that part of the closet is covered and is integrated in the room as if it were a painted wall.

Storage Spaces

Wardrobes with sliding doors are recommended to maximize space in small rooms, because they don’t occupate much space when they open. A useful solution to gain storage in the room, is having multifunctional and narrow furniture. In the case of the bedroom, a shoemaker works very well, since in this way, you will have your shoes always tidy and clear space on the floor.

studio apartments

Priority should always be given to cabinets, especially in the entrance area. Besides, in this area of ​​the house, a desk, which can even be double, will help to work comfortably and to put documents, papers and material in the wall module for storage. Now the entrance will not be chaos.

The storage with compartments, multiple hangers, drawers, bars, baskets, among other elements, will help us to maintain order all the time, and this sensation automatically clears the space.

The bedroom

In studio apartments, the bedroom space is almost non-existent. For reduced bedrooms, it is convenient to use a bed with storage drawers.

studio apartments

There are beds that have two large drawers with wheels, which offer additional storage under the bed, and thus, in addition to your large closet, you have extra space under the bed to keep blankets, sheets, clothes, among other things.

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