Tourism in Panama has grown and is not focused exclusively on the capital. The countryside and other provinces have seen an increase in this sector. Some provinces like Bocas del Toro, Colon, Chiriqui, Cocle, among others, have had much more demand than in previous years due to business investment and tourism.

Tourism in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

* Investments in companies and tourism outside the capital add up to 83 million by beginnings of 2014.

* In the province of Panama, investment reaches only 20 million $ 998,000, indicating the superiority of the countrysidefor 2015.

* There are hundreds of different categories of accommodation in Bocas del Toro, from five star hotels to hostels.

Tourism in Panama, specifically at the countryside has taken hold so far this year. Many companies and corporations who choose hotels or inns located in places such as Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui and Cocle for events or meetings.

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According to information published by the news portal Panama America, tourism chambers with private unions have employed numerous strategies such as promoting tours to these places. There is accommodation in the city,  some hotel brands established in Farallon and there are others who are allies of cabins, hostels or mountain destinations. The idea is that visitors that are in town, whether for a conference or corporate event, combine their stay some days in the capital city and some days enjoying natural areas.

Importantly tourism investment in the interior, surpasses by 61 million to the $ 914,000 that has been done in Panama City in 2014 Tourism Investment Management reported that up to September 14 this year , invested by the sector in the capital totaling 20 million $ 571,000, while in the other provinces, the figure is 82 million $ 912,000.

However, there are some obstacles that have arisen and prevent further tourism development: The proliferation of clandestine lodges, an airport in Cocle whose economic impact does not reach the community and the lack of infrastructure that enhances the natural attractions are among the problems tourism is facing.

One of the destinations that best promotes is Boquete, in Chiriqui. In the province, the estimations show a trend of increased activity in order of 10% annually, according to Jorge Tovar, president of the Chamber of Tourism of Boquete. However, there is lack of trained manpower to operate tourism services and not enough support for the Volcan Baru National Park.

Coclé, meanwhile, attracts many tourists from Europe and South America through its international hotels located in Farallon. However, Enrique Malek Airport in Rio Hato, promised to give a boost to the area but has not had the impact that was expected.

In the province of Los Santos, Pedasi specifically the major obstacle of this region are the clandestine lodges, about 10 hotels have not been registered with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP). this is a bit worrying as due to clandestine hotels, hotel occupancy is down on 40% since May.

Colon is projected as one of the provinces which will attract more tourism thanks to a new Decameron Hotel on the coast above, which investment would be $ 50 million. In addition, the construction of the road from Santa Isabel to Cuango and the exploitation of the new tourist resort on the fringe of the Caribbean Sea, will bring more tourists to this region.

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