Travel to Panama has now a big advantage: In order to decrease the time lines of migration in Tocumen International Airport, the National Immigration Service launched a computer system, which will enable a security pre-checking before arriving to the country.

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* Travel to Panama will feature a novelty: Tourists will do pre-checking via internet thanks to a new system approved by the National Immigration Service.

* Tourist arrivals, until November last year, had increased 12.4% compared to 2014.

* The pre-check can be made up to 15 days prior to arrival in Panama.

Tourists who want to travel to Panama, can access a new system implemented by the National Immigration Service, which will consist of a “pre-check”. This will be a new tool that allows log into the system Migration and thus arriving at Tocumen, will be available across the country faster once your data have been previously checked.

Statistics from the General Comptroller of the Republic, realize that in the first 11 months of 2015, arrived in the country two million 301 thousand visitors. The goal for last year, was to receive 2.5 million tourists, a figure that could be overcome considering that Panama receives monthly between 180,000 and 200,000 visitors.

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This new system can be used on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Anyone wishing to travel to Panama, whether domestic or foreign, must enter your personal data and your flight.

Upon registration, real data should be used, since after submitting the application, there will come a verification message to your email that will confirm to make use of the application.

Want to know how the new system works? Watch the video below:

To enter and register in the new system, you can enter here.

Need a place to spend a few days when visiting Panama? We invite you to enter in

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