World Real Estate Congress, an important event that covers topics such as architectural trends, connectivity, logistics, affordable housing, smart cities, among others, will be held for the first time in a Latin American country. Panama has been chosen as the host country for this year.

World Real Estate Congress – Gogetit Highlights

* From May 21 to May 26, will be held the 67th edition of the World Property Summit will bring together real estate professionals from five continents.

* The World Real Estate Congress this year is under the slogan “Connecting Development for a Better World”.

* This event will be attended by over 500 professionals from 65 countries who will share their experiences through thematic forums, as well as the presentation of papers through recognized national and international exhibitors.

In recent years, Panama has shown significant growth in the real estate sector globally, given the number of people who choose to isthmus to live or do business in addition to its tourism development.

That is why the country has been chosen as the venue for the celebration of World Real Estate Congress, making Panama the first country in history to host this important event, in which will be discussed architectural trends, connectivity, logistics, affordable housing and smart cities, among others. For more information on this event, you can visit the official website:

According to statements made by the president of the Panamanian Association of Brokers and Real Estate (ACOBIR), Eric Van Hoorde, it was stressed that for the first time a Latin American country will host a Global Real Estate Summit. Also, the President of the International Federation of Professional Real Estate in Panama, Ivan Carlucci, said that this 67th edition will allow professional exchange and expand trade relations with representatives of the real estate sector worldwide.

There are many personalities of the real estate sector that will meet at the Congress, such as the French architect Jacques Rougerie, considered the pioneer of underwater and maritime constructions.

World Real Estate Congress

During the event, will be the ceremony of the Prix D’Excellence Awards Dinner award, one of the most important in the real estate world, and Panama has a nomination. According to Forbes Magazine, Panama City is on the list of the main cities of Latin America considered as engines of trade and investment, which also excel Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Santiago de Chile, Lima and Bogota.

Official data shows that in the last decade, real estate became one of the main drivers of economic growth in the country, due to social and political stability, the existence of a world-renowned banking center and attractive sources of employment, including other aspects.

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Despite the development of this sector in the country, the bulk of investments in implementation or bidding focuses on social infrastructure, such as Subway Line 2, the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, the renovation of the city of Colón, the second terminal in Tocumen International Airport and the third and fourth power transmission line.

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