Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, will be the stage for Convivienda Fair 2015, which will start tomorrow, Friday June 26 and runs until Sunday June 28.

Gogetit Highlights:

* The National Council of Housing Promoters (CONVIVIENDA) organizes the XIV version of the fair, which will involve only housing development companies that are members of this association, along with banks with mortgage experience.

* In recent years, the Convivienda Fair has benefited more than 4,543 families.

* Convivienda Fair will be held at the Atlapa Convention Center, from Friday 26 to Sunday June 28.

This year, the National Council of Housing Promoters (Convivienda) will hold its fourteenth fair. Since 2003, they have organized these Convivienda Fairs having initially only six housing development companies. Now, 12 years later, they are totaling over 23 development companies that are members of this union, which will be present this weekend.

The Convivienda Fair 2015 will provide housing in the prime rate, worth up to U.S.$ 120,000. These residential projects are located in the city, on the beach and in the mountains.

This weekend, you can not miss the opportunity to visit this important fair, offering many projects and also with the participation of banks with mortgage experience.

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Silvia Merida Pellicer
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