Gastronomy in Panama has been recognized worldwide and is ranked on the list of the best Latin restaurants. Recently, in Mexico City was held an important ceremony which is called Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, and the restaurant Maito, owned by Panamanian chef Mario Castrellón, was awarded.

“Panamanian cuisine, Italian, French, Peruvian, Mexican, American, among others, are some of the options that can be found in the range of restaurants that exist in the country.”

Gastronomy in Panama – Gogetit Highlights

  • Maito Restaurant was awarded in the ceremony of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.
  • The list of top 50 restaurants, ranked Panama in the 36th position and was rated as the best restaurant in Panama.
  • The prize was awarded by the British magazine Restaurant, and the vote was conducted by 250 gastronomic experts.

When you visit Panama, there is no doubt of the wide gastronomic offer that the country has. This allows, among other things, that a big amount of people visit the country, directly contributing to the economy in Panama.

Last September, Mexico City was the scene of an important gastronomic ceremony known as Latin America’s 50 best restaurants.

Panama entered on this important ranking, occupying the 36th position with Maito restaurant, one of the most renowned in the city.

gastronomy in PanamaPhoto Credits: Alejandro Bolívar.

The chef and owner, Mario Castrellón, studied at the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Sant Pol de Mar in Barcelona, ​​Spain. He returned to Panama in 2005 as head chef at La Posta restaurant. Maito opened seven years ago and then established other food and beverage outlets, as Humo and Cafe Unido.

“Castrellón claims to be very proud of this achievement of gastronomy in Panama.”

One of the things that makes them attractive to gastronomy in Panama, is the mixture that can be achieved in typical dishes, a mixture that comes since the construction of the Panama Canal.

Castrellón explains that “The influences come from the arrival of the Spanish, and then the Canal, arriving multiple influences. All who came, created our cuisine. They were people who came and adapted their recipes to the ingredients here. The sancocho, which is as Panamanian, is a stew of Spain, where there was no yams or coriander. Our food is a mixture of obligation. ”

gastronomy in PanamaPhoto credits: Alejandro Bolívar.

Similarly, it has also been experimenting with the food of indigenous peoples. A clear example is the black communities of Darien, where they have up to 21 varieties of rice and red rice.

If you visit Panama, spend some time to experience the variety and multiple dining options in the country. We are sure you will not regret it!

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