Panama is the most industrialized country in Central America having the third largest economy in this region. And welcomes the first mega project in the country by the Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, who brings the Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama.

Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panama is backed by 39 years of experience in real estate and construction.

The company goal is to position the hotel  in the  Millennials and Gen Xers market , who are currently 32% and 50% respectively of travelers worldwide.

Golden Tower Panama

The investment in the Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama , which have 285 rooms on 21 floors, amounting to US $ 65 million and will open in early 2016. The architectural design of the building was conducted by Uruguayan Carlos Ott , who is architect of Opera Bastille in Paris, the National Bank of Dubai , Jade and Jade Ocean Beach in Miami.

” The hotel has a business model unprecedented in Panama , as it is the first hotel in the city in which those who invest , share in all profits generated by the hotel business , including lodging , food and beverage , events and conventions among others , “said Andres Felipe Ordonez, President of InversionesTalarame .

Discover how to invest in the Americas Golden Tower Hotel Panama the new icon of the city.

According to Ordoñez , the decision to develop this project in this country is because Panama is the country with the highest economic growth in Latin America in the last 10 years.

“The 5-star Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is a Great Investment ” – Alberto Araújo Merlano

” We find in Panama a chance to expand due to favorable market conditions in Panama . As we are interested in growing hotel group in Colombia and internationally and to position our brand . We believe that the experience in Colombia with our business model allows us to compete internationally. Additionally , the group wants to diversify the risk of their investments, ” he explains.

This is the first international experience Talarame Group , a conglomerate of Cartagena origin, whose investment portfolio is focused on the hotel and real estate sector, mainly .

The most recognized companies in the Real Estate Group are Talarame Araujo & Segovia , Hotel Capilla del Mar, the Hotel Las Americas Resort , Spa and Convention Center , and Central Park Free Zone Cartagena.

Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is part of the LVX collection of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, a collection of famous hotels with their restaurants, entertainment and exceptional spas, provide guests the most memorable experiences of the world.

“Buy an apartment at the Hotel 5 stars Las Americas Golden Tower Panama is a great investment for anyone wishing to have a luxurious place to stay when visiting Panama without having to maintain them , paying taxes , or the value of services water , electricity and telephone and that generates income in dollars , ” Alberto Araújo Merlano . – Founding member of the Americas Golden Tower Panama .

Guests of Hotel Las Americas Golden Tower Panama are satisfied with their investment. And you , what are you waiting to invest and enjoy all the benefits it provides co-owner of the hotel that will shine in Panama ?


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