The kids room, in general, is that space in the house in which keeping order is something almost impossible to achieve. The younger they are, the more clutter there can be: Toys everywhere, books, dolls and a myriad of other things, you can get them everywhere.

It is normal that kids room is characterized by having many toys. However, what we don’t like, is that we can’t keep the order.

In our article today, we want to give you some ideas to keep the order in your kids room. We know you’ve been through this, and we’re going to help you.

kids room

Kids room – Gogetit Highlights

  • The children’s room is that place where they spend a great deal of time. Their decoration is usually according to what they like most.
  • This room should have enough space for other things besides the bed, such as a large closet or drawers to store toys.
  • From a young age, children should be taught how to order their room with the most appropriate storage solutions for them.

The kids room is a place to play, learn and dream. Kids become familiar with their surroundings, and their room is like their little world. If your kid likes cars, or sports, princesses or animals, you should always consider the opinions of the little ones.

However, it often happens that suddenly you find the backpack lying on the bed, mountains of books stacked on the desk, toys scattered on the floor, among other things. The kids room is always chaotic and even if we force them to pick it up, instantly, as if by magic, it is again the same disaster as before. That’s why today we want to show you some ways to avoid this chaos through some very original organizers. They may not be effective, but we assure you that they are ideal for placing in a children’s room.

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When kids are smaller, for example, there are always all kind of toys thrown all over the floor. But this situation should not always happen. If you are a mother or father of little kids, you probably go crazy picking up the toys they always throw away. To facilitate your task, in our article today we will give you some very curious ideas to organize the children’s room.

Each bedroom is different, and we don’t always have the same amount of space, so it is best if you select a flexible storage system that suits the style of your bedroom and allows you to enlarge it as you grow older. Choose the structures and boxes that fit best your activities and let the disorder order itself.

There are never too many toys, so there is less space. That’s why we always have to have some extra storage like baskets, boxes or bedding in which to organize toys. So we will have more spaces in which to put all those new objects that land in your room.

Ideas to keep order in kids room

A very good option for storing toys of all kinds is to use boxes or plastic containers, which function as a trunk, and allow the child to have all of their toys in one place.

kids room

Another option that can work, is to use shelves with several divisions, in the form of cubes, and to each cube, can be assigned a type of toy. For example, the animals cube, the legos cube, the cube of the dolls, among others.

In Panama, there are stores that sell such organizers, which are wooden on the outside and have cloth cubes that work as drawers or drawers. One of these stores is Novey, which offers organizers of six or nine compartments to divide the toys into sections (See furniture model here). Novey offers a practical online purchase system, which you can enter by clicking in

Similarly, wooden shelves or boards can be used to place dolls, stuffed toys or even books, which, besides helping to order the children’s room, function as a decorative element.

kids room

Another idea that we can give you to keep order in the kids room, is to use hooks or hangers nailed to the wall to hang the drawings they make, and thus give a touch of art gallery to the room. In this way, we avoid accumulating papers and the child can see his works of art whenever he/she wants.

kids room

If none of these ideas convince you much, an option that has always worked, is to use large baskets or baskets of cloth, where you can throw everything and at the same time you can get everything without any problems.

As the kid grows, will need other types of furniture to sort the room. There will not be so many drawers and baskets, but it will be necessary tables, desks and shelves type library to save books and notes.

Do you need more ideas? In our Home Decor section, there are many options that will help you decorate your kids room, or some other room in your house. Also, in our Instagram account (@gogetitpa), you can also get a lot of ideas in #gogetitideas.

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