The living room decoration of your house or apartment is a task that involves considering many factors: The space of the room, the type of furniture you want to use, style and colors you like best, among many others.

In our article today, we would like to share with you some ideas for living room decoration and give a different touch to this very crowded space and as important as it is the living room of your house.

Living room decoration – Gogetit Highlights

  • In small spaces, when you are in living room decoration, it is important to avoid the bulky furniture. Opting for furniture with more svelte lines, also adds a feel and an elegant touch to the space.
  • Light colored carpets can really make a room seem larger. It covers the dark wood floor, or try placing a rug on another carpet for a cozy look.
  • Include light colors on the walls, such as white, gray, beige or cream are some options that can be combined with your game of furniture and decorative accessories needed for decoration.

“For a small living rooom decoration, it is recommended to start the process with a list of needs to determine what you need to use the space.”

living room decoration

Want to give a different touch to your living room and don’t know how?

Don’t worry, because with a few tips, you’ll get what you need and will have a living room decoration that in the end, will not be so complicated.

It is important to note that there are different patterns, textures and colors that can be included in the room without cluttering the environment and reach overwhelm, achieving a comfortable, cozy and elegance chip.

“One of the first steps to be followed, is to make a simple sketch and examine the arrangement of furniture.”

Usually, a small living room needs a two-seats couch, and in front of this, one or two chairs, a rug and a coffee table. Another option is a modular sofa into a wall and place the entertainment center (TV, home theater) in front with a coffee table or ottoman in the center that becomes the focal point of the small room.

A different way to decorate the small room is to include light colors on the walls: White, gray, beige or cream, are some options that can be combined with your game of furniture and decorative accessories needed for loving room decoration. With this, we fool the eye and perceive a larger than it is environment.

Accent colors, usually one or two bright colors, will give sparks of joy to the small room on cushions, carpets and ornaments, avoiding overloading the space with large pieces to avoid taking large amount of space, so that it looks consistent and balanced.

living room decoration

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