Santa Ana district, located in the urban center of Panama City, is beginning to gain strength within the world of real estate. Their houses and buildings, dating back to ancient times, have attracted the attention of investors and real estate companies, who believe that Santa Ana district can be revalued in real estate.

Within the historic Casco Antiguo neighborhood, Santa Ana district has been proclaimed as the next frontier to be explored. This is due to the great demand that all properties are having in this sector of the Casco.

Santa Ana District

The renovation of Casco Antiguo has been a gradual process that has been taking shape for approximately five years. One of the main missions is to restore the historic quarter of Panama during the last decade.

Many of the properties in Santa Ana district are old, but not as much as the elegant old houses in Casco Antiguo. Many more of them, are made in the same way as the Casco, using the same materials and even with similar structures.

At the center of everything, is located the Santa Ana Park. Its history includes colorful political congregations and also includes people who used to gather to listen to a band whose members are part of the police, firefighters and other public agencies. From the park, you can walk the Central Avenue, place that is characterized to be the favorite to absorb all the cultures present in the isthmus while walking on the streets.

Santa Ana District

Canal House. Internal view.

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