Spanish tourists have shown a great interest in visiting Central American countries, positioning Panama in the second most visited destination, hosting nearly 100,000 visitors last year. However, Costa Rica is still the preferred destination for Europeans, receiving a total of 179,743 tourists.

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* During the first half of this year, the European tourism to Central America has increased by almost 13% over the previous year.

* Panama was home to 99,270 travelers from Europe last year, which represents an increase of 18.5%.

* Costa Rica remains the preferred destination for Europeans because it received a total of 179,743 tourists, representing a 20.3% increase over 2013.

It is no secret that European tourists at the time of their vacation, they are delighted with looking at lush landscapes and tropical climates. That is why Central America is one of the favorite regions for these tourists to vacation. So far in 2014 the number has increased by almost 13% tourism to the region.

According to information published by Revista Summa information portal, the Spanish market generated 11.8% more tourists, from 78,720 to 88,010 travelers. Analyzing the figures of Spanish tourism destination, it is noted that Costa Rica was the most visited country from January to June with an increase of 23.9%.

Panama was the second holiday option for the domestic market, an increase of 7.8% compared to 2013. El Salvador has shown an increase in Spanish travelers during the analysis period, up to 13.2%more.

However, it is important to note that Spain, followed by Germany are the countries that generate greater flow of tourists to the seven countries of Central America over the past year, with 88 010 and 73 268 respectively. Regarding the domestic market, there was an increase of tourists to Central America of 11.8%. It also gave a significant increase in travelers from France to Central America in the first half of the year for their holidays, totaling 66,849 tourists, up by 26.6% from the same period in 2013.

After Costa Rica and Panama, we can find El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, as destinations, although they are not favorites for European tourists, attracting large numbers of people and providing very good Travel Offers . Spain, Germany and France were the markets that generate more number of tourists to these countries, an increase of 35.9% and 12.5% respectively.

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