The terrace of a house or apartment, is the place that we always associate with activities of recreation or relax. When we invite people into our homes, the terrace is the ideal place to have barbecues, enjoy the outdoors or just disconnect for a moment from the routine and relax in our own house.

“A terrace should have the necessary elements for enjoyment and relaxation, from furniture type armchairs or hammocks, to perhaps a small pool, or a barbecue, for different types of social activities.”

terrace decoration

Terrace decoration – Gogetit Highlights

  • The terrace is an area of ​​the house characterized by functioning as a space of enjoyment and recreation.
  • The terrace decoration, must adapt to the space with which it is counted. If it is a small terrace, we can’t put a lot of furniture, and if it is a large terrace, only two or three tables or couches aren’t enough.
  • In beach apartments, the terraces usually have decorative elements allusive to the sea or with rustic finishes.

terrace decoration

The terrace is known worldwide as the area of ​​the house that is open to the outdoors, a habitable exterior extension of a dwelling above ground level, which is usually provided with rails or low walls.

Many times, we have a terrace in our house or apartment and we don’t know how to decorate it or what elements to use to make it pleasant, since the terraces are extremely versatile in terms of functionality; they can be used for a wide variety of activities: As a meeting place, for entertainment, for relaxation, for sunbathing, and even as a place to eat.

The terrace decoration is something that must integrate several elements to make them work for everything. Regardless of whether the terrace is small or large, there are many ways to decorate and light it.

Some ideas for decorating terraces:

1. Look for a lighting that highlights the elements in your garden: Some plant or some tree lit from below, provides indirect light and will give a different touch to your terrace.

2. Use furniture that gives warmth to your decor. The wood decor, is highly recommended in these cases, since the wooden furniture, give warmth to the sunny areas, but has the glue of wear and maintenance. Fortunately, there are now new materials made from resins with the same appearance of the exterior wood that don’t need any maintenance.

terrace decoration


3. Pay special attention to the size and shapes of objects in the decoration of terraces. If your terrace or garden is small, you should try to place furniture or objects with curved lines, which will give greater sense of space.

4. You need a shaded area. A shaded area on the terrace is essential to create a dining room or living room on the outside, or even have your own barbecue in that area. On the terraces, the best are the awnings.

terrace decoration

5. If you live in an apartment that is on a very high floor, a very good option to take advantage of that terrace is to place a table with some chairs that allow you to sit and enjoy the view or have a different breakfast.

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