Panama tourism growth has accelerated over the years. According to the World Tourism Organization (OMT), Panama is one of 10 countries where the arrival of tourists is growing faster way with years. In our article today, we will refer to this important tourism growth that Panama has been ranked among the favorite countries to visit.

Tourism Growth – Gogetit Highlights

* Panama expects to reach 3 million tourists in 2019.

* For the fifth consecutive year, Panama has overcome the barrier of two million visitors in 2015. The country received 2,550,659 visitors in 2015 (Source: ATP)

* The hotels in the country, have shown an increase to try to meet the demand of tourists arriving in the country.

Panama is a privileged country for many things: its climate, its beaches, its location, among other factors. That is why, for some years, Panama has positioned itself as the favorite country to visit by tourists from many parts of the world.

For the fifth consecutive year, Panama in 2015 exceeded the barrier of two million visitors, reaching for the first time in 2011. At the end of 2015, there were 2.5 million visitors entered the country. However, the list of countries most visited during the past 2015, is headed by Paraguay, where the growth rate is 97% in recent years, while Panama is ranked seven with an expansion of 22%, beating Chile and Thailand.

To meet the high demand of tourists arriving in the country, coupled with the expected growth year after year, the hotel supply has increased in a way never seen before, and the variety of hotels that currently exist in the country, is very broad.

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