Playa Venao is a paradisiac destination located on the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, in Los Santos province. Its official name is “Playa Venado,” but it is commonly called “Venao”. This beach is a favorite for surfers thanks to its surge that has attracted a lot of tourists.

“Surf is common in the famous Playa Venao, 20 kilometers away from the city. In 2011 and 2012, Playa Venao hosted two World Championships Surf ISA and prompted worldwide recognition of the whole area as a place to Surf first category.”

Playa Venao Panama

Playa Venao Panama – Gogetit Highlights

  • Playa Venao, located in the village of Pedasi, Los Santos province, is a tropical place perfect for surfing and fishing, among other activities.
  • This destination is located five hours away from Panama City, and you can be there by driving a car, taking a bus or flying. If you are flying, you get to Pedasi and from there, it takes 30 minutes to get to Playa Venao.
  • With bars and restaurants along the beach, tropical atmosphere invites visitors to walk in the sand, take a tour through the jungle, water sports, exploring the trails leading to the waterfall and fish in the rocky islands Los Frailes, among many other activities.

If you’ve never been in Playa Venao, you may have the impression that this beach is only for surfers, because many surfing tournaments are made on this location. In addition, people refer to Playa Venao as “The best spot to surf” or “The best beach break in Panama”.

What many people don’t know is that you can also go and spend your holiday with family or friends, and not necessarily have to surf to go and enjoy this beach. The bay is about 3 kilometers, so it has enough space to share between swimmers and surfers without any problems. The central area of ​​the bay is where surfers are grouped because that’s where there are more waves. Sideways, the wave is greatly reduced, giving the opportunity to swim quietly.

“Playa Venao is perfect for relaxing waterfront, surrounded by hills and greenery.”

If you want to go and enjoy this beautiful place, there are several lodging options. There are some sites that are on the beach, like hostals. However, you can also stay in Pedasí, which is very close to Playa Venao.

In fact, there are some real estate projects in this sector that may interest you:


The Andromeda project offers beautiful and attractive properties with traditional architecture and large windows that allow the entrance of light. They are houses from 211 square meters and from 2 rooms.

playa venao panama

Blue Venao

The Blue Venao project is a unique seaside community, designed to world standards so that sophisticated individuals and families can enjoy an abundant and active lifestyle, within a spectacular natural environment.

playa venao panama


There are many activities that you can do in Playa Venao. Among them are surfing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, whale watching and camping, among other things. Definitely your next holiday destination should be, without a doubt, Playa Venao.

Playa Venao Panama

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